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Planned Servers
Among Us, Bedwars, Box Prisons , Capture the Flag, Factions, Hide or Hunt, Hunger Games, Kit PvP, "Modded MC", One Block Skyblock, Paintball, Prisons, Skyblock, Skywars, SMP, Spleef, Survival

Suggestions Format

Have a suggestion you'd like to see on the Server or the Forums? Well, we would love to hear all your good ideas, and if we believe that it will be beneficial for the server, then we may apply the suggestion. Please make sure that your suggestion has not been mentioned before. Try to fill your suggestion with as much detail as possible, doing so will help staff better understand your suggestion, and has a higher chance of getting accepted.

How may this improve MintyMC?
Anything else you would like to add?

Bugs & Issues Format

Have you found any Bugs or a Glitch? MintyMC would love to get them all patched up. These can range from just a simple spelling and or grammar mistakes on anything to any sort of exploit where the Player(s) can exploit the glitch.

Date and Time found
Any other information

We here at Minty MC want to keep our server Lag-free and Bug-free, so all reports are appreciated. Minty MC strives to make a fun, and entertaining server, finding these issues and patching them will keep our server on a reliable level.

Purchase Support Format

If you had purchased a rank, and or item and for some reason are having some issues receiving it, or had made a mistake this is where we can help you.

Please do not lie about something you had purchased and did not receive, we do full background checks through Buycraft, and PayPal and you will be permanently banned if what you write turns out to be false.

Minecraft Username
Rank/Items not received
Server package was bought for?
Time of Purchase (Date+Time)
The issue with your purchase
Anything else that can help your issue

We are deeply sorry that there was an issue with your purchase. We will do our best to get your issue resolved asap. Just sit tight and your situation will be handled in no time.

Player Report Format

Alright, to start off please read what is actually punishable or something that goes against our current rules. Don't report someone for just name calling unless it is excessive and or offensive. Like if someone just called you "dumb" that is nothing worth giving any type of punishment. So unless it is excessive please don't report it.

Punishable Offenses:

Hacked Clients of any kind.
Abusing exploits (Taking advantage of bugs)
Advertising (Putting other server names or IPs in public chat)?
Scamming with IRL (In Real Life) money.
Inappropriate content.
Verbal harassment.
Excessive cursing.
Excessive Spamming.
Charging back anything bought from our store.
Any staff that may be abusing their power.
Anything that goes against our rules.

If you need to read over the rules you can do so by clicking here.

Report Format

Accused Minecraft Username:
Rule Broken:
Evidence of Offense:
Anything other information:

*Hackers must be recorded, without sufficient proof the player can't be punished.*

Staff Report Format

Have you seen a Staff Member abusing or not following the rules? Report them here.

Staff Report Format
Your IGN: 
Staff IGN: 
Reason for report: 
Evidence to support this reason: 

Note: You must have evidence to support the Staff Member breaking a rule, or abusing.

Player Appeals Format

You must be here because you have been banned on our server for a reason you may not agree with, believe that is false, or just want to have a second chance, well this is where you can get a chance.

To even have a shot at coming back on our server, the first step is to have the correct template. If you do not have this template, you will be denied. If you do get denied you have to purchase an unban from our server store.

Minecraft Username:
What is the reason you were banned for:
Who were you banned by:
Was the banned justifiable (fair):
What will you improve for now on:
Any other information you would like to provide:
If you were banned for any reason of hacking, you must provide the following

-Minecraft folder
-Mods folder
-Version folder
-Recycle Bin

Please use a screenshot program such as Lightshot or Gyazo to upload pictures.
A staff member also has the right to deny your appeal if they find that your actions were not worthy of a second chance.

Staff Applications

Do you think you have what it takes to become a Staff Member? Your job as a Staff Member is to help anyone out with our server with anyone who might have a question, and control the server following are rules. If anyone does break a rule, your job is to give them the rightful punishment to the rule breaker.


- Must meet the age requirement of 13 years old.
- Must have Discord and a working microphone. The interview will be conducted over Discord if your application is successful.
- You must be fluent in English and possess proper grammar and spelling skills.
- You must be mature, and work well with others.
- You must dedicate 3 hours minimum per day, and be active on the forums.

If your application is denied please do not create another one right away, you must wait 2 weeks before creating a new application. If you ask any staff members to view your application, this will result in instant denial and you must reapply in 2 weeks. Do not bump your thread, this will also result in instant denial, we read these applications from Oldest to Newest, so there is no point. The Management team will read every application top to bottom and make our decision to accept or deny.

Media Application Format

Are you interested in either a Youtuber or Twitch rank? Please make sure you qualify before you apply, by reading the requirements. We do have the right to decline your application even if you qualify, due to another reason besides what is listed.


• You must be at least 13 years of age to be considered for a Media position.
• You must have more than 500 subscribers on Youtube or 300 followers on Twitch.
• A reasonable number of views per video (300 or more views within a few days of release on all videos).
• Have uploaded 3 or more MintyMC related videos.
• You must have Discord for direct communication between our team and you, as we strive for perfection and we want to help you with that.
• You must not have an excessive number of punishments in your history, as we are looking for YouTubers and Streamers that actively follow each of our rules. Older punishments will impact you less than newer punishments when we review your history, and bans/mutes will impact you more than warns.

Media Application Format

Link to your profile: 
Proof this is your channel: 
How many videos/streams have you made on the server?: 
Link(s) to server video(s): 
Anything other information you'd like to share:

Please do not ask a staff member to review your application. Arguing or complaining about denials will lead to an instant denial of all your following applications.

Allowed and Prohibited Modifications

Allowed Mods

- Optifine (increases your FPS)
- Damage Indicators (displays player health and damage taken)
- Any of Bspkrs mods, such as ArmorStatusHUD, DirectionHUD & Status Effects
- Rei's/Zans Minimap/other minimap mods (places a minimap in a corner of your choosing)
- Any purely cosmetic mods
- Better Sprinting (allows keybinding Vanilla movements)
- Schematics
- 5zig

Prohibited Mods

- Any hacked client (Huzini, Wurst, etc.)
- Scripts/Macros/ Autoclickers
- Tracers/Player ESP/Chest ESP
- Inventory Tweaks
- NoFall (prevents taking fall damage)
- Any X-ray clients, mods, or resource packs
- "Derp" hacks (moves head rapidly, allows the head to go inside of the body)
- Player entities on minimaps
- AutoFeed
- AutoFishing
- AutoArmor (automatically equips armor when broken or placed in inventory)
- AutoReconnect
- FastPlace
- BetterPVP
- WorldDownloader or anything similar
- AutoTool
- Zyin's HUD
- HoloInventory
- Any sort of Anti-AFK mod
- Spam messager
- Schematica "Printer" setting (Nonprinter Schematica is allowed)
- Auto crafting mods

If you are unsure whether or not a specific mod is allowed, just ask yourself if it gives you an unfair advantage over others. If you are still unsure, ask a staff member to help you out. Please note that this list is subject to change at any time. You may be punished for a modification not listed here if you have/had an unfair advantage.

Voting Sites

When you vote for us you are actually helping to promote the server and attract others to come online and join in on all the fun. In return for your help, we provide you with a Vote Key that you can use to redeem some amazing loot that can help you with your everyday needs as you go about playing the server.

How do I redeem this Vote Key you may ask, well there are actually two ways to redeem your key. You can either do /warp crates which will bring you to all the crates in which you can view what is inside them, or redeem your key. The other option is where you don't need to leave your home and you could simply do /cc which will bring up an entire interaction menu where you can do all the same functions as being in front of the crates but from anywhere.

Please note that you must be online to receive your vote key.

Vote Links

• Vote Link 1 (minecraftservers)
Vote Link 2 (minecraft-server-list)
• Vote Link 3 (Minecraft-mp)
Vote Link 4 (TopG)
Vote Link 5 (PlanetMinecraft)
Vote Link 6 (MinecraftList)